Work From Home

4 Easy Ways to Earn Money by Working From Home

1. Sell craft kits

Buy wholesale Posh Diy craft kits for a discounted price and resell them at full price on local classified pages, craft fairs, farmer's markets, boutiques, etc. 

In November of 2020, Ciera from Logan, Utah sold over 40 craft kits in three days using facebook classifieds. 

2. Sell finished crafts

Buy wholesale Posh Diy craft kits for a discounted price and finish the crafts, then sell them for a profit. You can sell them on local classified pages, craft fairs, farmer's markets, boutiques, etc

3. Host a craft night with your friends (or friends of friends)!

Have everyone over for a craft night! You would purchase wholesale Posh Diy craft kits for a discounted price and then charge full price for the crafts (plus a little extra), and provide snacks and drinks. 

4. Join our affiliate program

Get a special unique discount code to share online. When someone uses your code to make an order, you get 5% of their sale! So if someone uses your code and makes a $100 purchase, you would get $5! 

Posh DIY can provide you with pictures, social media posts, text message wording, and emails to use. Please contact us to join in this exciting program!