About Us

About Posh Diy Craft Kits

Do you want to make a DIY craft project, but don't know where to start? It can be a huge hassle to find and buy each supply. We've created affordable and well designed DIY craft kits that include everything you need, so you can enjoy making DIY craft projects! 

It's much cheaper to just buy a kit than buy all the different craft supplies seperately! The cost of buying each craft supply separately vs getting a kit is a huge difference! Getting a Posh Diy Craft Kit is a great way to save money and eliminate waste. 

Coming up with a cute DIY craft project can waste a lot of time and finding all the supplies you need can be frustrating and expensive. You just need to buy a Posh Diy craft kit and you will be able to enjoy making a well designed craft kit that includes everything you need.  

Frustration Free Craft Projects

You will get a well designed DIY craft kit delivered to your door that's ready to go when you are! No need to waste time and money hunting down all the different supplies. 

We know what it feels like to waste hours and hundreds of dollars on craft projects only to no have them turn out. Order a Posh Diy craft kit and you'll get a well designed craft kit that includes everything you need. 

We've saved over 2,000 customers tons of money and time!

Be The Crafter You Want To Be

You want to become a crafter that creates beautiful projects. You want the process to be simple and enjoyable. You don't want to waste time and money on projects that won't turn out. 

Posh Diy Craft Kits offer well designed craft kits that are affordable and adorable. They include all the supplies you need. Don't worry about wasting time and money- buy a kit today from Posh Diy and become the crafter you want to be. 

Quality Supplies

Here are some of the brand names we use in our craft kits.


Mod Podge

Glidden Premium





Eco Sticks

Our Founding Story

Once there was a mom named Jessica. Jessica worked full time in marketing. One day, she got hit by a guy that ran a red light. Jessica got many injuries, including a traumatic brain injury and PTSD that left her unable to drive to work, or look at a computer screen for very long. Jessica was sad. 

Jessica started making crafts, and realized lots of people enjoy making crafts. In November of 2020, she designed a craft kit (the Nativity Scene Blocks Set) and tried selling a few of them on the local classifieds. She ended up selling hundreds! Jessica found a way to be productive again, even with her limitations! Jessica was happy!

Now, Jessica and her best friend of 20 years, Jenny, run Posh Diy Craft Kits together. Jessica mostly designs new kits, and does the marketing, branding, and logistics. Jenny mostly takes care of kit assembly, production, and distribution. 

There are currently 7 people on the Posh DIY team, so there is an entire team waiting to help you if you need it! 

We Empower Women

There are tons of moms that want to find a something they can do from home to earn extra money. How about making our craft kits and selling them? 

Please visit the WORK FROM HOME page for more info.